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        PRESS RELEASE: Report on counter-demonstration against Tommy Robinson & UKIP

        London: Representatives from across society stand together against far-right attempts to hijack Brexit debate

        View Tweets from the event including attempts by far-right to disrupt anti-racist protest here

        As the Brexit stalemate continues in Westminster, anti-racists took to the streets today to warn of attempts by the racist far-right to use the crisis to spread hatred and violence. … Read the rest

        Tomorrow: London UKIP/Tommy Robinson to be opposed by leavers and remainers against racism & fascism?


        Thursday 28 March 2019

        This Friday 29 March, UKIP and Tommy Robinson have called a ‘Make Brexit happen’ demo in Whitehall. A counter demonstration of anti-racists, trade unionists, faith groups and politicians both leave and remain will take place against them from 4-5pm on Richmond Terrace, between Whitehall and Embankment.
         … Read the rest